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This editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs This website(s) is/are the RESPONSES to the legal action Littler-Mendelson and DartEntities tried to launch against me in 2001, and to the meddling in and hacking of these sites in 2021.


"Littler-Mendelson P.C. Sucks"


"Dart-Entities Trucking Sucks"


Washington State Perjury Law:

Perjury in the first degree is punishable by incarceration for up to 10 years and fines up to $20,000. Perjury in the second degree is punishable by incarceration for up to 5 years and fines up to $10,000. False swearing is punishable by up to 364 days in jail, fines up to $5,000.

In a normal, sane, logical and law-abiding world, how many counts would Mark S. McFarland and Delann T. Lamb have been found guilty of?




What does the word "Entities" represent

in the Dart-Entities or DartEntities Trucking name?

Ghosts? Spirits? Creatures? Demons? Zombies?

We doubt anyone had a clue when they cooked it up.

EVERYTHING seems appropriate when yo be smokin'.


Quotes in classic literature:

"In the old mythology these entities were recognized, indistinctly moving, in the grand scene of nature."


"My demon entities grow, they split, the new entities adapt themselves to new conditions."


A few (just a few) random words associated with "entity":

Archfiend, beast, demon, devil, spirit, ghoul, monster, apparition, boogeyman, goblin, hobgoblin, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, specter, Satan, beast, brute, diablo, hellion, imp, ogre, serpent, troll --

What's the number for Ghost Busters again? Was the area code 666?

Put the word "Dart" in front of any of these and you'll have a pretty accurate description of the company, and a company name must be nothing if not descriptive, so potential customers can more easily remember it.

But hey, "Entities" works for "Dart-Entities Trucking" (or DartEntities International Trucking-- we're not sure if the hyphen is really needed or not and we're not going to go look up the corporation docs to find out). They must have dropped half a mil in brand research before settling on that one, so they're welcome to the most descriptive noun they can find and more power to them. They could also have gone with Dart-Shysters, Dart-Liars, Dart-Scams Inc., etc. We would have PAID, however, (we're not even joking), to have sat in on the Dart Corporate brainstorming sessions which finally arrived at "Entities". The advertising revenue from the YouTube video alone could have relocated, supported, educated and retired a family of immigrants (24 year old Mom and Pop and 19 children under 18 plus 12 grandmothers and 481 cousins).

One last whimsical muse about Dart-Entities before we eventually get into the protein of this page: People recently asked us seriously whether or not Dart Trucking might have had a case against Littler-Mendelson and Leigh Ann C. Tift as a result of what most would conclude was incompetent representation of Dart, by the law firm. We had never honestly, seriously considered that; we'd only touched it jokingly. Now that it's been brought into the light, we suggest that any statutes, even civil ones, have long, long run out. They (Dart) probably had a viable case way back then, because even the absolute dumbest attorney in the snake pit should have known what Tift apparently didn't know -- or DID know and didn't want to reveal to her Shiny New Big Money Clients (SNBMC) because she wanted to drag out the case and milk it for all it was worth (actually, I was looking directly at her face at the exact instant she knew she was beaten and no one could have faked that look so it's back to "only stupidity" for C. Tift).

But as for a lawsuit now?

Not now.



Oh heck who knows, now that people seriously bring it up!

--Because the US is a crazy, crazy place now, with 40,627 new laws going into effect -- brace yourself -- JUST ON JANUARY 1st 2010! And that was a decade ago! Just NEW laws! Think about the terrifying unholiness of that! That insanity is good for only one thing on this earth: LAWYERS. That's it! That's the ONLY class that will enjoy a net gain benefit from mayhem and chaos like that. The rest of humanity will be (and is being) trundled under by it. How many laws and regulations total in the US as of 2021? We couldn't find the answer because we think NOBODY ELSE KNOWS EITHER!, but a guess might be, 500-800,000? More? A LOT more? It's like guessing at the number of stars in the known Universe -- the number becomes so large you can only say, "a lot", and then you get a headache. If it's even more nauseating than that for the number of laws on the books today, we frankly don't want to know. A Black Hole can only be so black or so dense before it explodes. In any case, it has come to a place where it almost doesn't matter what a person or a corporation or a lawyer WANTS to do or accomplish -- s/he can always find some teensie, forgotten, poorly worded law that will at least allow them to begin some counter-productive, mind-numbing, soul-killing process. Maybe they'll get shot down quickly and sued back themselves for their trouble, or sanctioned (eh, Littler?), or after much irrevocable damage has been done just in the silly attempt, but pretty-much no matter what they want to try they can find a way to do it AND THAT'S THE WORLD LAWYERS WANT! They've invested countless lifetimes crafting it. Now they're fat and happy. Usually.

So, after all, can Dart sue Littler-Mendelson for incompetent representation now in 2021 or not? Probably not. But you just never know. That's the really worrying thing about "The Law" now: You just never know... You can't know. No one can. Not anymore.

And let's briefly look at it yet another way:

Can Littler sue Dart for the lies of their employees?

Certainly Littler hasn't won any benefit from all of this -- quite the opposite. And who's responsible for that? Littler-Mendelson is because one of their attorneys, Leigh Ann Collings Tift, was stupid and/or dishonest, yes, but Dart was also right there chomping at the liar's bit as hard and as fast as they could -- little gums just vibrating and FOAMING for God's sake! (It was a sight to see!). If Littler asked them specific questions (Lamb, McFarland, Martin and Butler), to which Lamb and/or McFarland etc. LIED to Littler pre-trial, which prevented Littler from presenting a better case, does Hitler -- Oops, we mean LITTLER have a case against Dart? Did they ever? We'd like to sit back in a comfortable study with a little fire and good coffee and tasty snacks and listen to the debate of these issues by truly qualified demons -- er, we mean LAWYERS -- fascinating stuff. Actually, we really mean that. We might even organize such a thing if we ever get back to English speaking humans again, and we'll videotape it and YouTube it. Man, what a fun project! Maybe we can submit the issues to a law class of demon-spawn and see how they work it out. No, we didn't accidentally say "demon-spawn". We meant to.

We'd like to know how much Littler-Mendelson bilked -- er, er, we mean CHARGED Dart for the fiasco they LOST. Hewlett Packard was charged over $60,000 AND THEY LOST TOO! It cost me $1700 to beat Dart and Littler -- it cost me $23 (not a misprint) to beat HP. It cost me zero to beat Facebook.

We're all living directly under the Sword of Damocles and that's not really even an analogy anymore -- it's almost a tangible, physical threat, and LAWYERS have brought us to this place. Can you find one on the street today and shake their hand and say, "Thank you for your service..."? Or might you say, instead, "Thank you for ruining a nation that might otherwise have had a chance, you witless hack?" Yes, every group of two or more people needs laws -- but we first need CLEAR ONES, not capricious rambling drivel that reads like a Fecesbook TOS, and even of the clear ones, we only need a few that WORK and CAN and WILL be enforced. How many laws, again, did those Aliens back in Biblical Times -- oops, er, we mean GOD, GOD, scratch onto a stone tablet when they called it pretty-much "good" for all mankind, forever? How many? We forget -- but "IT WARNT FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND NEW ONES PER YEAR!!!"



What does "P.C." stand for in the Littler-Mendelson name?

It stands for "Professional Corporation".

Of course that is only a signatory of a

type of business or person. A toilet scrubber might

also be CEO of their own "professional corporation"

(P.C.), i.e. a professional toilet scrubbing corporation

which leaves toilets filthy. They are still technically

"professionals" but only because they do it for pay.

It does NOT mean that the corporation

or the person is necessarily, automatically

or in any way operating "well"

or "properly" or "with competence".

An idiot "professional" helicopter pilot can operate

his/her aircraft stupidly and kill all those aboard

(I've known several handfuls of those).

Yes, s/he was technically "a professional" in title,

but s/he did not act professionally and was a failure.


As in

"...the competence or skill expected of a professional."

It's a hope, not a fact.

Academics love to affix that term, professional, to their

resumes, thinking it gives them instant, effortless and lasting

credibility. It does not, except to Millennial Airheads.

One might say that "quality and

efficiency is the mark of the professional"

It CAN be. Or it might not be, not even remotely.

Littler-Mendelson, a "Professional Corporation", can be

the biggest, most unprofessionally operated liability their

clients ever suffered, far more so than their clients'

nemesis in court, and that's a sad fact. But they'd

still technically be, wait for it, professionals.

Just ask DartEntities International Trucking.

And remember, the very instant your neighbor's 8

year old daughter sells her first glass of

lemonade out in front of their home,

she is technically and truly....a professional,

just like Littler-Mendelson P.C.,

even if it was warm and full of flies.

Honestly, we found Littler-Mendelson and Leigh Ann Collings Tift to be not one micron short of diabolical. (reviews/littler-mendelson) (NOTE: We see now that the hideous reviews on many so-called "review" sites, like Glassdoor, for big corporations appear to be being systematically "top loaded" by "beautiful" reviews which we believe are fake reveiws planted by Littler-Mendelson's upper management, or by professional "reputation management" experts who do this for a living. That's our take. It's an extremely common ploy these days by utterly dishonest and dishonorable firms, who have created unspeakably bad names for themselves by systematically doing unspeakably bad things, to try to keep the public from seeing what they're really like under the hood. Go Morality. one of many reasonable places to glean an insight into the Littler-Mendelson culture. Create an account for free so you can dig deep. If you're thinking of working for Littler-Mendelson "P.C.", or of hiring them, you'll be very glad you took a peek in through this basement window before you commit. For your own sanity (and bank account), do due diligence on ANY "Professional Corporation", and learn to spot the FAKE REVIEWS posted by paid plants and upper management in lame attempts to water down the horror stories from real people and employees and victims. There are "services aplenty" any business can hire for pennies per day, often in Third World countries like the Philippines, India, or the eastern block, who spend their entire waking lives peppering the Internet with fake, glowing reviews about the businesses who pay them to lie. Pay them to LIE? Oh dear Lord no! Many, or most businesses use these to one degree or another. A business with a serious reputational problem, like Littler, might have a number of these services working for them at any given time. Since most operate from other countries their English is a little suspect, but not always. They tend to use boilerplate phrases that they've crafted and vetted for each category of business they represent, that they merely rearrange slightly, from business to business and review site to review site. The fakes are usually pretty obvious once you start learning to see the patterns; they all sound just about the same and are nearly always short (because it's harder to keep your lies straight when you make them too long). You'll spot the same phrases and words used again and again, reflecting the same impossibly flowery sentiments and opinions (i.e. "Great firm", "One of the best", "Real professionals", "very good place to work", or "I love it here!", etc. etc. ad nauseam, and not one of those posters can even get a VISA to visit any country in which the company operates. Sometimes, the more clever fakers, attempting to make their reviews look "REALLY AUTHENTIC", will add a tidbit of very minor dissatisfaction under the "Cons", thinking that if people start to wonder about the credibility of the too-Amazingly Glowing Review, they'll see that teensie blurb at the end, saying how the only drawback to their employment was "too many clients" or "they give you a lot of responsibility", etc., and think, "Oh! Wow! This review MUST be real!" But it's not. It's a paid advertisement masquerading as a legitimate opinion or fact. What kind of human would do something so unspeakably cheesy? First and foremost, A LAWYER.

Want to truly learn about fakers? Got an Amazon account? Add a little snippet to your Chrome or other browser for the Amazon (Scamazon) "FakeSpot" app (NOT created by Amazon) which drills straight through Amazon's amazing and relentless penchant for allowing fake reviews to stand nearly forever (because it makes them money), and shows you a drastically more accurate assessment of the REAL reviews about any product. Then apply what you learn there about review-faking, to planted reviews about law firms, or any other businesses on review websites. You're nearly always looking at a minimum of 40-60% fakes, sometimes 80-95%, and they'll always be the embarrassingly gushing ones.

There are a million, billion "law firms" out there.

Littler-Meddle-Some (aka Hitler-Mendelson) isn't the only one.

In our estimation, almost none are good, but nearly all are better.



This IS a page for Delicate Snowflakes.

Never heard a "bad word" in your life?

Then you've come to the right place.

If you have no experience with or

knowledge of the hard realities of war or

really, really bad human beings, don't

worry; this page will NOT offend your virgin

sensibilities. But if you WANT to be offended

and horrified by references to REALITY and


to real evil, we suggest the CRUDE & NASTY

version of this page,


That begins a five-page series of

"Dart Trucking Sucks"

(as do Littler-Mendelson, Lawfirm,

& Leigh Ann Collings Tift, lawyer),

with links running off to many of the

actual court documents and polygraphs.


Hackers Hackers Everywhere!

As noted on other pages on other websites, "someone" started trying in late 2021 to use various forms of subterfuge and outright criminal hacking to remove some of these pages from view. They couldn't do it legally, not 20 years ago and not now, so they lately tried assorted scams, some of them constituting actual criminal acts. Who would do that?

Let's see if we can narrow it down:

We know that Dart-Entities et al doesn't possess the brains God gave a Crowbar.

They're automatically removed as suspects, just as AOC would never be suspected of pulling off The Great Train Robbery. Even though the attempts were pretty ham fisted, Lamb and McFarland could barely operate a computer. But hey, maybe they got smarter in 20 years. Still, we're thinking no. Three brain cells each only adds up to six and that little Briggs-and-Stratton lawn-mower-equivalent of horsepower can't do this. And what of Dart Corporate? We're not feeling that either, but we could be wrong, if they hired someone.

Who else is there?

Colleen Butler? We think she's shed her skin a few too many times and doesn't have the gumption for it. But if you're feelin' it, Colleen, please, please, by all means GO FOR IT. You and Martin, smart-mouthing in the back of that courtroom back in 2001, in the Kent Aukeen court? -- That alone ignited a fire in me that burns hotter than an inexhaustible supply of molten magnesium and can never, ever be extinguished. Please, add some oxygen to it. Please, please, go for it. You don't get a pass in this lifetime or the next for that level of rank, unadulterated, outright putrid evil. Why not try your luck again?

There's one judge who may yet still be alive (Halpert in Seattle). Would she do it? She's not the brightest bulb in the Christmas light string but she could probably pay some fool to try it -- maybe some idiot nephew or some such who has convinced her he's a "whiz" with hacking websites. We kind of doubt that scenario. It still could turn out to be the case, but it doesn't "feel" right.

Again -- Lamb or McFarland?

Oh Please.

Who REALLY would be most irked by this website and who would have the resources to attack it? Leigh Ann Collings Tift and Littler-Mendelson P.C.

Would Leigh Ann Tift take this project on herself?

It's doubtful -- never without coordinating with Littler and the WSBA.

Or....would she?

Would the snakes at Littler glue their pointy heads together in a secret witch's coven conference and decide to clandestinely hire some little Millennial hit mob wanna-be hackers to try various tactics, both amoral and illegal? Yes. Of course they would -- based on all my experiences with them, they fit this pattern better than anyone else. Does that mean they did it? Nope. There's not any proof at all. Yet.

Would Leigh Ann C. Tift cook this up in her own darkened bathroom out there on Brainless Island, across from Seattle, all on her own? What if Tift approached Littler with the idea to try this, and Littler backed away from it. Would Tift then take it on herself as a clandestine project? AH! Now, THAT is the Tift we have come to know! We might be gettin' warm. And the Washington State Bar Association? We already know through reports that they recently (2020 or 2021) worked to try to shut down a YouTube video about Tift, posted by some guy who apparently went up against her 20 years ago, in which he claims she lied in writing (oh say it ain't so!) and he disseminated some docs which purport to prove it. The WSBA would figure prominently in this, we have no doubt at all. We suggest to the WSBA (aka the Washington Attorney's Defense League, or WADL), that if they were to invest one tenth the energy in policing their out-of-control rat-pack of attorneys across Washington state BEFORE they commit heinous acts against defendants and clients alike, as they do trying to protect them when they turn out to be worthless piles of steaming dog feces and DO subsequently commit heinous acts (thousands per day statewide), the legal end of Washington state would run much more smoothly and fairly. Of course logic like that, well, it's just a fart of purple smoke in a hurricane.

But this kind of thing is precisely the level of crap they (Littler-Mendelson) tried way back in 2001 with their sham anti-harassment attempts, before the page was even written! Skulduggery up to and possibly including criminal acts (our opinion) is their M.O. They can't help themselves. They really can't. Dishonesty is WHAT THEY DO and the records of it in other, unrelated cases (research their sanctions and cases of perjury) are posted on websites all around the world by people and corporations we've never even heard of. So is the Greater Sticky Gob of Littler Mendelson (GSGLM) behind this latest attack on this website and the websites and YouTube videos of others? We believe they are and we believe the Washington State Bar Association probably sanctioned it and assisted, just as they reportedly did to the poor YouTube poster. (And ANOTHER Tift video here)

Did you like the GSGLM thing? It's ok -- not great. We realize that "Hitler-Mendelson" has become the defacto moniker for this firm but we're still just not feeling it. A better one MUST be hatched. Greater Sticky Gob of --- probably isn't it either. We'll keep trying.

If that's the case, and Littler is behind the attempts on the life of this data, were I in some position of power at Dart-Ghosts-and-Ghoulies -- er, I mean, Dart-ENTITIES, ENTITIES, I would instantly and immediately have a very blunt and in-your-face screaming meet-up with Littler and the WSBA (WADL) and tell them to KNOCK IT OFF, because all they are succeeding in doing is making this family of websites a hundred times larger, and that ain't good for Dart.

Could this entire issue EVER be dissolved by Dart and Littler? Yes, it could. It could all evaporate in one pink powdery poof. All these sites and domains could be instantly whisked away -- it would take ten minutes. But they don't have a clue how to do that because their brains are simply not wired to function in those kinds of honorable ways. We're betting they can't tell you off the cuff what that word means, honorable. Yes, they've heard it before and they have some vague sense that it means NOT THEM, but can't they properly articulate it without practice? We'd love to see THAT video too. Ask them and time and record their response. Then YouTube it.

Honorable. Mysterious concept, eh Littler?

Does a frog fetch? Not really, no.



Before we get into the "DartEntities Sucks" part of this page let's do a quick summary of trucking for those poor, dumb fools (like me), who were, or are, fascinated with trucking. For me, "getting into" trucking was just a natural evolution; I was born into it. One side of my family came from trucking (the other side from law enforcement), and trucks were always around. I also had some businesses, including ranching, that required semi rigs and I owned a few for those purposes. When I was bored, I sought out truck driving jobs. I would show up for the check-rides in my own rigs. So:

You might be asking yourself, is truck driving a "good job"?

Should I become a truck driver?

Can you make money as a truck driver?

Are trucking companies good to work for?

Truck driving is a FUN job if you like big machines (I really do). I especially liked skippering big rescue tugs (tugboats)(321 rescues, NE Pacific).

I once ran a new Kenworth tractor-trailer for a few years over Donner Pass twice a day (sometimes 3 or 4 times), with an amazing Cat engine which recorded every single move the driver made, including every shift and at what RPM and speed -- every imaginable detail. Once a month that data was downloaded to the employer. I always, ALWAYS attained the highest scores and I delighted in being able to do that. For me, driving properly and well was a science (and an art).

Incidentally, I was cited in that rig for doing 71 mph going UP 7300 foot Donner pass pulling a 53' half loaded van. The computer (not the cruise control) had been set BY THE CAT DEALERSHIP (at my request) to never allow the rig to exceed 61 mph in any gear, and ONLY the Cat Dealer could alter that -- not even the owner of the rig had that password, let alone the driver. Yet I was cited for 71 in a 55 zone (no radar). I took it to court KNOWING I had a slam-dunk. I told the officer and the court I was happy to pay the fine for 61 in a 55 BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TRUTH. But I would NOT stand by idly and watch the officer lie, and that's the fact of it. The CHP officer flat-out lied. The man was a liar. Period. He lied and I told him that to his face, even explaining how it was impossible for the truck to exceed 61mph. I lost over a week's wages in attorney's fees plus also over a week's wages in the fine because the judge disallowed the Cat Dealer to present the passworded engine logs in court showing the rig had not exceeded 61 mph. He just simply said no, with no excuse whatsoever. My attorney quoted a month's wages to overturn that ludicrous ruling -- which was, of course, the judge's premeditated strategy all along. He had seen this evidence as presented to the prosecution and he knew it was an automatic ruling of not guilty if it came to a trial but he didn't care -- he just wanted to win. That was Nevada City, California.

That is precisely how you'll be treated by law enforcement and the judicial, nationwide, and that's a guaranteed fact. As a driver, you'll run into situations like this so often you'll begin to wonder what planet you're on. America is no better than any other Third World country now and I know that because I've lived in dozens of them over the last 20 years and I live in one now. I live here because it's BETTER than the USA and that is profoundly saddening.

The down-sides include too many unpleasant interactions with very, very low-class people in the warehouses (warehouses and factories seem to attract a lot of stunningly bad people)(find a way to record every single minute you spend in every single warehouse because that's what the world has come to).

Car drivers WANT to make you hit them so they can try to collect lawsuit awards. NTSB records show that in all car/truck wrecks, cars are at fault a stunning 75% of the time -- it's probably really in the low 90 percentile, but law enforcement LOVES to lie and fault the truck, and STILL they can only manage to technically fault the truck 25% of the time.

Police will always use you as their toilet paper (they'll lie any time the mood strikes them and I can prove that with documentation), and truck driving companies who are dishonest, greedy, nasty, dishonorable, chaotic, unprofessional, inefficient-through-stupidity, and heartless, and the pay is barely worth the trouble of cashing the checks.

You'll be "asked" very, very often to haul overweight, or legal weight normally but now on weight-restricted routes, or to haul without documents, to cheat on logs and if caught, YOU pay the fine. If the company is running anything but quite new equipment, maintenance inspections will become a factor. Certain scales (Truckee, California, anyone?) will nearly dismantle your rig looking for a scuffed brake line that wouldn't fail in 30 years, but you'll be cited for it and YOU will pay because it's YOUR responsibility to do the inspections. Your company might have seen that line and refused to replace it because it's clearly not compromised, but the scale will say it's compromised. Maybe your yard mechanic told you not to worry about a rusty, streaking lug nut until next week because he was busy at the moment, but the right (wrong) "officer of the law" will spot it and fine you, and YOU will pay. Refuse to haul illegally? Sure, that's your right. Next week your nice rig will be replaced by the 1979 International that's been rusting out in the lot for 15 years (trust me, you don't even want the brand new one) and suddenly your beloved dedicated route has a new driver -- you know, that guy from Pakistan who knocked over three stacks of pallets in six minutes on his check ride but was hired anyway. THAT is too often trucking and THAT was Dart-Entities.

Other than those things, it's a great job and I mean that sincerely. Solve those issues and I'll go back to driving right now, today. I'm not joking. Driving big rigs is really fun. Is it "fun enough" to put up with all the BS listed above? It was for me, barely. But trucking, monetarily, is a hobby. If I had ever had to make a living doing only that, or raise a family on that wage, no way on earth could I have, or would I have. I drove for fun and nothing more. I drove for spare change and to fill idle hours. I drove to keep my brain occupied.

I usually but not always had other things going. For many years, for instance, I could go to any magazine stand anywhere in the US and a few European countries in any given month and see multiple magazines on the racks with my writing featured on the covers.

Here's a depressing aside: I wrote monthly for one magazine that produced hard-cover monthly "magazines", quite luxuriously manufactured. They paid well, about $6/word, even when I started in the 1980's. Each month they would send me a few cases of undistributed stock, featuring maybe 30 copies in each case. I gave a few away to friends and family, but after years of this I had amassed just too danged many boxes -- maybe 1000 or 1500 hard cover magazines in total, all brand new and shiny, never even opened, just taking up space. Eventually I threw them all away. Years later I was in an old book store with my family and they spotted a few of these raggedy, dusty old things lying on a counter, so they picked some up to see my stories -- then they dropped them like hot potatoes. The price for these used book/magazines was $660 each and we learned that was the going price worldwide. I cried for weeks. If I'd kept all those copies and flooded the market with them then, they would have devalued sharply. But I still cried for weeks.

I drove truck for fun and when I quit Dart I really, really wanted to find another nice situation, but sans the crazy, doped out bosses. I looked pretty hard but never found what I wanted, and little by little other business things were crowding out the time I had to go driving. By not being forced to drive meant a great deal of the stress of that occupation was removed for me. I can't quite imagine the scenario in which a man (or woman) is depending on that wage to eat and pay the rent and clothe the carpet sharks. The stresses of that must be absolutely astronomical. It must be mind-numbing. The scale finds a scuffed (but not abraded) brake line and you might lose an entire week of wages paying the fine. Tell THAT to your kids who are chomping at the bit to go on the annual school outing in the National Park, but suddenly you can't afford to pay their way. All for a brake hose that was perfectly safe in every possible way but wasn't as "beautiful" as a brand new one. --Heartbreaking, and trucking is very, very often just like that. The nation literally depends on trucking, yet "The Nation" spits on them or worse (this is the "Disney" page, remember) at every juncture.

Some trucking companies are not so bad to work for; some are absolute horrors. Only a very, very few will treat you well. You'll be on the verge of quitting 92% of the time due to how you're being treated.

Will you make money? No. You'll make a bit more than a shift supervisor at, say, Pizza Hut or 7-11.

Of course you'll lose your marriage AND your family -- but hey -- your endless hard work and risk gave them a home.

Virtually all companies will flat-out trick you with regard to bonuses and perks.

The company listed below is one of the worst in the entire world -- possibly THE worst. DartEntities is probably in the lowest 2 percentile.

But you just "graduated truck driving school" and you're ready to hit the road? I was a "Safety Officer" for years for two different firms, meaning I did the check rides on new applicants. Let's take a hard look at reality:

When a safety officer does your check ride he or she will know in the first ten to twenty seconds if you've ever actually WORKED at this profession or are fresh out of a school and have invented your resume. How many lie about previous experience? 75% and we know it. The check ride guy or girl doesn't always get to see your resume but s/he'll know what you've got instantly.

Of all the applicants I tested, thousands, what percentage did I KNOW, in my bones, knew what they were doing and could slip into the left seat (right seat here in SE Asia ha ha) and in fifteen minutes be a productive employee? Let's say 5-7%. Maybe as high as 10%.

Another 30% could eventually be made into productive drivers.

40% were in some stage of failing at the job, even on the first day. They might struggle along for even a year or three, but the accidents would add up, and the problems in every other category would add up, and they'd either quit or be fired.

What of the rest? Those will bomb-out spectacularly, quickly -- like in a month.

What percentage did I WANT to pass? Ideally and in a perfect world, only the aforementioned 5-7%, but knowing the state of drivers needed, I could have lived with passing around 40%.

What percentage did I "pass"?

90% or more.

For God's sake why?

Because Dart made it abundantly clear on countless occasions that they were BEYOND DESPERATE for drivers and to pass them all. Period. Just find any way under the sun but PASS THEM ALL. Every single one. If they could get the engine started without breaking off the key, they were in.

I had one guy who started making very loud engine noises, verbally, within the first 20 seconds of the ride. He was like a little kid, blasting out engine sounds through his mouth as he drove and even when idling at a light. Windows were down. Other drivers staring at him in disbelief. I started out asking him very politely to please not do that because I needed to communicate with him regarding where to turn, where to park, where to drop a trailer, etc. But he only got louder. He was a terrible driver but possibly passable given Dart's desperate mandate to PASS ANY LIVING CREATURE. After a little while I ended up shouting at him to SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP NOW OR I WILL TERMINATE THIS RIDE! He never did shut up. There was no point in terminating the ride because I would have STILL had to ferry him back to the yard and he would have done this even from the jump seat. I cannot even remotely imagine him driving teams. How long would he live? 30 minutes, tops. They'd eventually find his vulture-picked body out on the alkali flats 50 miles west of Salt Lake, and the other driver's story would have been that the SOB went to the bathroom at the last truck stop and never came back and I would have testified as a witness to that if called. Clearly, he was mentally whacked -- not just marginally. He was fully insane. We did survive the ride and he didn't hit anything, but he was far from competent and I certainly wanted to fail him, but I wrote up the report and made it neutral as far as his driving abilities. I did however tell McFarland what the man had done for the entire ride and suggested it was clear he had some serious mental deficiency. McFarland hired him. He showed up for work riding a Honda Goldwing that had not one square centimeter on it that was undamaged. Lights hanging by wires. Tires bald with bulging bubbles. Half the windshield had broken off years before. Matted in rust. And that translated EXACTLY into a harbinger of his work abilities. He had really horrific wreck after really horrific wreck, again and again and again, all across the US, yet for some bizarre reason his wrecks were ruled "not at fault" every single time, and McFarland kept him on FOR YEARS. Totaled truck after totaled truck. It was truly a phenomenon. Yet he was "plenty good enough" for the likes of Dart.

What percentage could have even marginally been passed as "ready for work" by looking the other way a little or a lot? Let's say, 15-20%.

60% SHOULD have been culled, failed, flunked, sent away before the check ride progressed two miles. They should have been sent back to "school" for two or three more years.

But I learned from experience that Dart would take those applicants and override my fail grade (they actually filled out new check-ride forms and signed various names to them showing passing grades) and put them to work the very next day.

How many of those ultimately worked out? 20% at best.

How many crashed eventually? Most.

Research Dart International Trucking (DartEntities)(Dart-Entities) Accidents and Lawsuits

I remember one driver from the Middle East (referenced above). I was told to pass him. Just pass him. No if's, and's or but's -- pass that man. Seriously, pass him no matter what. I'd never seen Mark McFarland so adamant. I did the check ride and of course it was just hideous. There was no way on this earth that man had ever actually driven any rig. There is no way on earth he had passed his DMV exam. It was a payoff and I guarantee it. I doubt he could drive a Volkswagen Bug.

After he hit the THIRD ITEM (stacks of pallets) in the yard, I terminated the ride and failed him. As much as I knew I COULDN'T fail him, I had no choice whatsoever. I remember McFarland asking me about this, and me telling him how horrible it was, and McFarland said, "Then why didn't you terminate the ride sooner?" I reminded him that he (McFarland) had told me point-blank to pass that man no matter what!, and so I was trying my level best to do just that. McFarland didn't answer. But the following morning, there that guy was, fully hired on and climbing into a rig alone to head off on a long haul. McFarland said the guy had complained that he had hit three things due to a "language barrier". I don't care if you only speak ZEBRA, that's no excuse to hit anything, ever! Examiner tells you to back into slot 37, you back into slot 37. Period. It's pretty cut-and-dried. I suggest that, these days, just barely post-Covid, if you once saw a picture of a big rig in a coloring book when you were five, and you colored it, but couldn't stay inside the lines, guess what -- YOU'RE HIRED!

How do you find a really good job? Find a small company owned by a decent, sober, honorable human being, running probably not more than half a dozen later model rigs (not so easy to find). Treat that person well and with the utmost respect and regard him/her with absolute honesty and hard work and complete reliability, and they'll treat you right. In three years at Dart I was one hour late one time due to a breakdown en route. Your record should be at least as good as that (I could have left earlier to be sure I could still be on time if my motorcycle broke on the way). I even had motorcycle-wheel snow-chains and electric heated clothing for the snow-days and my commute was nearly 50 miles each way through the center of Seattle in rush hour each way. Remember though, that those attributes have less than no value at all to the bad employers. Don't waste your time or decency on them -- just get out the back, Jack, and set yourself free. Do it early, BEFORE you really really hate them.

Those ginormously humongous corporate firms?

Naw-- they're far too impersonal. Even if some of the principals intend or once intended to be decent, you're just a grain of sand on their beach and they don't have time for you. You'll never even attain the status of a respected robot. You MIGHT someday attain the status and respect of a TIRE. Still, if that's all you aspire to, then maybe you're a fit.

Trucking companies rely on the old P.T. Barnum theorem that states: "There's a sucker born every minute." YOU, unfortunately, are that sucker. That doesn't mean it's still not fun! It is! But you'll still be the sucker. Too many people will gladly do that job for next to nothing, just like flying airplanes. I never made any money there, either, not even flying logs through the fog with over-stressed helicopters. I consistently made less than the loggers themselves and even the log-truck drivers and this amazed them. Why on earth should they treat you particularly well or pay you well to do a job that everyone in the world is dying to do nearly for free because it's fun? Indeed, there is little reason. There are millions more suckers queued up right behind you.

Should you buy into your own rig and run as an owner? Probably not, unless you have an other-worldly capacity for a billion annoying problems every single month. You won't make a great deal more money than driving for wages unless you're extremely clever and even more lucky.

And there you have it. Send this to your brother-in-law who dreams of being "a trucker".


Dart-Entities International Trucking Says:




Sez DartEntities:



We need thousands of new drivers because we've driven off all the other suckers!

We need long haul and short haul and dedicated route drivers;

Lions and Tigers and Bears -- We need flatbeds and tankers and vans, Oh My!

You can drive for us by the hour and make PENNIES!

You can drive for us as an owner/op and make PENNIES!

You can drive teams and make...wait for it...PENNIES!

You can lease to buy and make -- yep -- PENNIES!

You can drive 24/7 (forget those pesky logs) and STILL make PENNIES!

And if you're a really good employee and you get tired of our crap and quit, well, that's when we really go to town on you!

We need drivers we can lie about and cheat and take to court for no reason at all! (AND LOSE)

We'll be happy to lie about you too! Why not? Just suck it up peeps: THAT'S WHO WE ARE!

And when we lose in court we STILL won't own up to it or apologize, ever, because that's just how we roll. Go Figure!

If we lie about you and you publicly post your polygraphs to prove our lies, we'll STILL insist we told the truth.

If you offer us $5000 cash to take polygraphs ourselves when we lie in court, we'll be WAY too busy. Busy Busy -- Sorry!

Want to talk about your experiences with our firm? Try it! We'll commit CRIMINAL ACTS to try to shut you up.

We'll commit out and out perjury again and again and again and again. Our lawyers will groom us. And we'll STILL lose! Dang the luck anyhow!

We're the worst of the worst. But C'mon Man! Join us anyway because you look like you need to learn a lot more about lower life-forms from the wrong side of the tracks and we're just the slippery little blood suckers that can complete your education! Heck -- YOU oughta be paying US for this tutelage!

Think of "DartEntities" ("Dart International Trucking") as a "Life-School" where we teach you just how satanic human beings can really be. You'll learn so much! And one day, mark our words, YOU'LL THANK US! Ok, Ok, probably not -- but it sounded cool for a few seconds, right?

Come find out what Dart-Entities can do for TO you today!

You'll be sorry (OOPS--GLAD! GLAD!) you did!

Let us show you what Dart can do for TO you!!! (We can't wait)

And don't forget the Dart-Entities "Hired Guns" (who missed):

Littler-Mendelson P.C., a Seattle Lawfirm, Sucks #1

Littler-Mendelson P.C., a Seattle Lawfirm, Sucks #2

There's no end to these horror stories; we're not going to link to them all

Try DuckDuckGo for the most comprehensive results

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs

We discuss the actions of Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C. (Seattle Lawfirm), Mark S. McFarland (Terminal Manager) of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Delann Todd Lamb of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Paul Martin of Dart-Entities Trucking (deceased), Colleen Butler of Dart-Entities Trucking (aka Director Chaos)(deceased?), Judge John Lawson of Kent/Aukeen Court (Washington State)(deceased), Judge Helen L. Halpert of Seattle (deceased?), and Sarah (something -- don't worry, I'll find her last name sooner or later), the trouble-making office tart.

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Littler-Mendelson P.C., a Seattle, Washington Lawfirm, Sucks

Leigh Ann Collings Tift, an attorney for Littler-Mendelson P.C., Sucks

Dart-Entities (Dart International Trucking) Sucks

This is the kinder, gentler, and abbreviated version of a colossal scam that almost succeeded.

Is this the whole story?

This brief summary represents perhaps 3% of the utter and abjectly vile, and often downright criminal behavior of most of these people.

We discuss the actions of Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C. (Seattle Lawfirm), Mark S. McFarland (Terminal Manager) of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Delann Todd Lamb of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Paul Martin of Dart-Entities Trucking (deceased), Colleen Butler of Dart-Entities Trucking (aka Director Chaos)(deceased?), Judge John Lawson of Kent/Aukeen Court (Washington State)(deceased), Judge Helen L. Halpert of Seattle (deceased?), and Sarah, the trouble-making office tart.

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Cette page est un bref aperçu de base de nos expériences avec Littler-Mendelson P.C. Lawfirm et Leigh Ann Collings Tift, y compris leur représentation (retournée) de Dart-Entities Trucking, T and L Leasing, Dart International Trucking, Mark McFarland (parjure), Delann Lamb (parjure), avec des affaires tranchées par John Lawson du Kent -Le tribunal d'Aukeen à Kent, Washington, et la juge d'appel Helen L. Halpert à Seattle, Washington.

Questa pagina è una breve panoramica di base delle nostre esperienze con Littler-Mendelson P.C. Lawfirm e Leigh Ann Collings Tift, inclusa la loro rappresentanza (controstituita) di Dart-Entities Trucking, T and L Leasing, Dart International Trucking, Mark McFarland (spergiuro), Delann Lamb (spergiuro), con casi decisi da John Lawson del Kent -Aukeen Court nel Kent, Washington, e giudice d'appello Helen L. Halpert a Seattle, Washington.

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs



It's difficult to imagine a more scurrilous, corrupt, malicious, unprofessional, derelict, illegal, immoral, incompetent or criminally-inclined set of characters.

They read like references from a Demon's Resume.

Demon Spawn.

I know no other more descriptive term and that's sad.

They all could have been so much more in life.

But they all chose other paths.

In at least one case it's just a genetically Black Heart -- Meanness for Meanness sake, baked right into the DNA.

Remember "Little House on the Prairie"? Remember Nellie?

Nellie was the good sister to Leigh Ann Tift.

In some others, it's drugs. And maybe Black Hearts as well.

Plenty of druggies never turn out like this. They just get Dumb and Dumber and fade away, but not so often do they turn shockingly evil.

I've seen countless legal cases play out in Third World countries all around the globe as of 2021. I can't remember seeing one as thoroughly screwed up as this one, which unfolded in Seattle, Washington, a place that purports to be a sane, educated, professional and civilized region, but which is documentably not. It's straight out of "The Dukes of Hazard" or "Green Acres".


The Case:

I drove semi truck for T and L Leasing, which procured drivers for Dart International Trucking.

I was a faithful employee for three years and was awarded every raise available within the company structure, and was given a dedicated route.

I quit once and was begged to stay on; I did so.

A few months later I quit again and was begged to stay on; I didn't.

Over those years I grew weary of the rampant use of illegal drugs by Mark Steven McFarland, the office manager (now "Terminal Manager" for Dart-Entities), and by Delann Todd Lamb, the office dispatcher.

That activity was almost daily "in your face", with drug pipes and drugs often found lying around the office, and it was the favorite joke of numerous employees. To say the activity was well known would be a gross understatement.

This activity appeared to me to make these two people increasingly stupid. Maybe they were already and drug abuse just made it worse.

Their decisions and directions became silly, sillier, then laughable, and clearly, shockingly incompetent.

I recall an incident in which the two principals from the Sears outlet store on 6th Ave., in Tacoma, Washington, had to meet with both Lamb and McFarland in their office in Kent -- some routine business matter. They had never met before. The meeting lasted perhaps 90 minutes. I happened to drive my rig into the trailer yard at the exact moment the two people from Sears were stepping out of the Dart office. I knew them of course because I delivered to them for years and interacted with them all day, every day in their outlet store. They saw me and gave me the oddest look. I wondered if something strange had happened.

They waited for me to park and shut down the rig, and I headed into the office to complete some paperwork. They met me half way, out in the middle of the graveled yard, and stopped me, and looked around nervously to see if anyone else could hear them. They continued in hushed but forced tones. First the male made this comment verbatim: "These people are like they are on crack!"

Clearly he wanted to yell it, but couldn't. They were visibly shaken. The female parroted the same comment as the male, saying something like, "This was like a meeting with a crack whore and her dealer!" I was actually taken aback slightly by that sentiment. By this time I knew what Lamb and McFarland were and I had little but contempt for them, but I truly never suspected that they could even remotely come off so poorly in any meeting with highly valued clients. It had never occurred to me that they were so mired so deeply in the outhouse muck that they would present themselves like this. The Sears clients were nice, educated, very conservative and religious people and apparently whatever had transpired in that office had stunned them and rocked them back on their heels. They went in expecting a normal business meeting, with normal business people, about, what else, business, but came away in a semi-stupor of disbelief. Their eyes were wide, as if they had just witnessed or been involved in something fairly terrible. I had no idea what had gone on in the meeting. I answered, simply, "Yeah". Maybe I should have protected my employers but this just came out involuntarily because it was so accurate. They then repeated similar comments a few more times and all I could do was nod and feel uneasy. It seemed they wanted me to somehow calm them or reassure them that their freight (mostly high-end appliances and electronics) wasn't being handled and hauled and stored by people of this caliber. I could reassure them of nothing and I felt badly about that. At that moment I was quite embarrassed to be associated with this firm and I think the Sears people were embarrassed to have Dart touching their freight. I quit shortly after that so I never knew what happened to that relationship.

Incidentally, during this meeting, the male manager from Sears had accidentally left his briefcase in the Dart office. He called within a couple of hours of returning back to Tacoma to be sure Lamb and McFarland had it, and it was safe. Lamb and McFarland both claimed they had seen it and remembered it but had no idea what happened to it. It was described as a beautiful, patent-leather, dark-brown to almost black executive case. When I heard about it I searched the place from top to bottom -- it was never, ever recovered. I'd pay $500 cash to know where it ended up, but, to me, it's fairly obvious.

Indeed, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. I saw that scenario repeat itself again and again and again and again ad nauseam in and around these people and this office. Is it any wonder, then, that these people hired Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C.? No. It was a given. Birds of a Feather....

I had only been driving for Dart about two or three months when my wife began to ask me why on earth I would work for people like that. Later she began to insist that I quit. Still later she was in disbelief that I wouldn't quit. Much to my enduring discredit, however, it took me a full three years to finally see these folks for what they were.

They boasted regularly about stealing Dart company materials, supplies, and services -- if this issue isn't already in my polygraphs I'm more than happy to take one that includes it (I think it's in there). They boasted about going through the semi cargo trailers to "take what they wanted" on a regular basis, and once actually asked me flat-out if I wanted to join them. I didn't comment at all.

Delann Lamb once flashed her breast implant scar at me in the lunchroom. I jumped a little at the hideousness of it (ten inches from my face and completely unexpected), and I don't specifically recall commenting in any way, though I might have said, "I thought they placed them through the armpits?" (Hers were of the under-breast-incision variety). She had said they hurt and itched, which utterly nauseated me, and apparently she felt the irritation and itching somehow justified her sticking them in my face. I never did grasp the purpose of that. In any case, if it's important, it was covered in the polygraphs 20 years ago and can be looked up by following the links to Page One, which will then direct you to the actual polygraphs. Or you can Google Delann Lamb Dart Polygraph on some search engine that actually works.

Delann Lamb told me she wished I could be a "good father for her babies" (because she wanted to _______). I didn't reply (refer to the polygraphs).

Mark McFarland was a very vocal racist, telling me in front of witnesses, often, that he hated blacks and didn't want to hire them, along with a couple of other races. He called the Sears office staff horrendously racist names and berated them publicly, specifically but not limited to a nice and helpful lady named Lilly. He thought speaking like this made him sound tough and manly.

Over the course of three years I burned out on this and far more, and gave notice to quit.

I was begged to stay on, and I reluctantly did stay on.

Three months later the imbecilic behavior had reached another crescendo and I gave notice to quit again.

I was begged to stay on.

I did not stay on.

Delann Lamb had told me numerous times that she had "many ways and methods" to make sure good employees who quit, would find it difficult to secure new employment.

Because of this, I asked for a written reference which simply stated my hire and termination dates and that I was an acceptable employee.

[Something like a year later I did receive from the court, among a bunch of other unrelated court documents, the inter-office Dart exit form from my employ, which stated "Excellent" under the heading of "rehire prospects". Dart could have sent me a copy of that the first time I asked for it, but they didn't, just out of pure spite because I had quit and they didn't want me to quit].

Shortly after this, Delann Lamb wrote me to tell me she respected me greatly and wished I liked her more than I did.

I didn't reply.

No reference was forthcoming so I asked again for a written reference.

None was forthcoming again, but the office did send me numerous messages stating reasons why they couldn't send one, which included but were not limited to things like the fax ate it, water spilled on it, it was lost, the phone lines were down, the fax was irreparably broken, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I finally began making the request to the main offices in California.

No office ever replied to me.

About this time I began receiving hang-up calls from Delann in the office. I filed a criminal complaint of harassment with the Seattle Police.

That complaint was (surprise) never acted upon and the harassing calls continued.

About six weeks, give or take, after I quit, Delann sent a message to me via an employee who was still working for Dart in Kent, asking me to come and visit her in the office. I suggested to that employee that I would never do any such thing. I believe he may have reported that reply back to Lamb and McFarland.

Within a matter of days I was served with protection orders: One each from Delann Lamb, Mark McFarland, Paul Martin (President of Dart at that time), and Colleen Butler, who has come to be known as "Director Chaos" at Dart. I was never sure exactly what her duties were -- we wonder if she even knew herself.

At first reading of the orders, I assumed these nitwits were asking the court to restrain me from ever contacting them. Since I had no intention of ever doing so, and had stated that, I tossed the orders in a drawer and shrugged it off as the ramblings of drug addicts. They were free to have at it and waste as much time as they desired.

Days later, however, I was admonished to read the documents thoroughly, which I did, and was shocked to discover they were asking the court to PRE-EMPTIVELY prevent me from ever writing or posting any kind of website about them or their activities(!). Of course this is illegal.

Clearly, this was over the top, and I arranged to show up at the hearing to state for the record that such a request was absurd, and illegal, and why. I didn't take an attorney because this matter was so stunningly ludicrous and over the top that even the likes of Judge Corky Thatcher would have seen through it and dismissed it in four minutes flat. I had no concerns about it whatsoever.

I did show up in court. Dart came equipped with an attorney who very quickly revealed herself to be perhaps the lowest grade of sleazy, amoral lawyer I had ever encountered. I had worked Federal Narcotics enforcement for years in sector two (Denver, Central US) and thought I had seen everything, but I wasn't even remotely prepared for the likes of this woman, Leigh Ann Collings Tift. In the sleaze department, even Lamb and McFarland were grossly out-gunned. Her jaw-dropping, putrid demeanor actually rocked me back on my heels a bit. I had simply never seen any human being act like this -- not any human being who was out in the world, loose, and without a minder.

This hearing had by chance (or by design by Tift?) drawn a part time, politically appointed judge pro tem, John Lawson (this means he wasn't a real judge -- he was a hobbyist who had social connections in high places). I had witnessed the antics of countless judges throughout my life; I had never encountered stupidity on level this man exhibited.

In the first three or four minutes of the hearing the protection orders requested by Paul Martin and Colleen Butler were thrown out. They were simply insane, and were dismissed. I took that as a positive sign. I was wrong.

They (Martin and Butler) then retreated to the back of the packed courtroom where they uttered taunts and wisecracks, apparently designed to evade the court's recording equipment. Some did, some didn't. The judge never once admonished them, and Leigh Ann Collins Tift smirked. This is a glimpse into the insanity I was confronting and this was barely the beginning.

The clients of Littler-Mendelson P.C., Mark Stevens McFarland and Delann Todd Lamb, then proceeded to try to manufacture to the court a false, long-standing litany of instances of criminal harassment, by me, against them, for three long and unendurable years. --The very three years during which they had awarded me every raise and begged me to not quit.

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs.

For instance, I'll reiterate because it's important:

Recall that Delann Lamb had jammed her beast implant scar in my face in the lunchroom (I jumped back and made no comment whatsoever), Lamb had told me she wished I could be a good Dad (Daddy was her word) for her babies as she wished to pursue me (I made absolutely no comment or retort whatsoever as the idea was ludicrous -- I didn't date crack whores), told me in writing that she wished I liked her more (I didn't comment or respond because the notion of me "liking her more" was idiotic beyond my ability to describe), asked me to come and visit her at Dart weeks after I quit (I didn't and this ticked her off), told me that anyone who might have caused me to quit would be fired (I made no comment or retort to that because IT WAS LAMB AND MCFARLAND WHO CAUSED ME TO QUIT!) -- And I can supply another dozen similar encounters with Lamb. Yet in court, she stood up and in a squeaky little girl voice told the judge that I had asked her out on a date or dates and that she was (sniffle snuffle) just tired of refusing my advances. This is why polygraphs were invented and I took mine and passed it TWICE!, and I posted mine publicly and I offered to pay for a polygraph of Delann T. Lamb plus give her $200 regardless of whether she passed it, but later upgraded to $5000 cash if she passed it, and through her attorney, Leigh Ann Collings Tift, she pointedly and explicitly refused --- Honestly, how much more evil can human beings be than to attempt a stunt like this. Imagine the chagrin of all when I began posting my polygraphs publicly, along with my offer to pay for theirs, plus the huge bonus for passing, and their reply and refusal to accept that offer. Was it a "Come to Jesus" moment?

To be fair, this entire charade was nasty beyond anything I had ever read of in trashy novels, but this one stunt by Delann Lamb -- this stunt of stating in court, on the record, to the judge, that I had asked her out and she was tired of "refusing my advances" -- THAT ONE THING(!) is as responsible for this series of websites as anything else this party of fools tried to accomplish. Littler, Tift, Butler, Lamb, Lawson, McFarland, Halpert, all of this Ship of Fools, the entire crew, should get together and thank Delann Todd Lamb personally for putting them through this public outing of their nonsense.

Their sole goal was to prevent me from talking about them publicly. They knew they couldn't obtain a legal order to prevent that in its own right, so they plotted, with Tift, to try to make the case much, much more. They thought that, in that way, the order to prevent me from ever talking about them, could be slipped in. It's a common strategy of government spending bills, as well.

One of their ploys was to suggest to the court that I had posted pornographic pictures of them on the Internet (therefor I should be prevented from using the Internet forever).

The problem was, they introduced no such images because there were no such images.

I asked the judge to demand that at the very least they provide the URLs where such images existed, because I knew no such images existed. As I recall the judge refused to even ask them(!), probably because he also knew no such images existed BUT HE DIDN'T CARE. Lawson was a Mouse on a Mission. Facts, truths? -- Only temporary inconveniences (reality is a pesky, annoying thing, to be overlooked or overcome whenever and wherever possible -- just ask about 50% of the country's voters). But, and here's where it truly begins to slip into the black abyss of abject, clinical, mental retardation, Judge John Lawson ruled (ruled, in writing) that it was a FACT (FACT!)(seriously, A FACT!) that I had posted such images, even though none were produced and no URLs to any such images were produced and when asked, petitioners said they didn't know if or where any such images had been posted but they were SURE there were some, somewhere, and this "judge", this clinically insane human being, ruled that that was a FACT(!), and that those invisible, non-existent images, constituted a long-standing regimen of criminal harassment -- even though none were presented to the court and no URLs of any were presented to the court (because they didn't exist)!

I realize I've made the same points repeatedly ad nauseam in the same sentences, but really, this was and still is so bizarre to me, so alien, so terrifying and illogical and just plain nuts, that I want to be absolutely, positively certain the reader understands this.

Can you imagine this analogy:

The police come and pound on your door at home, and you answer it, and they knock you to the floor and rough you up and handcuff you (because that's what US law enforcement DOES now) and haul you downtown and charge you with the murder of your neighbor.

Got it so far?

You're friends with your neighbor and have been for thirty years. Your kids and his play together. You have a great neighbor and friend. The two of you have never had a single cross word.

But the police have beaten you up and jailed you for his murder.

Ten minutes later the neighbor shows up at the police station and tells them there's been a terrible mistake -- he's clearly, obviously alive and there was never so much as a friendly disagreement over anything at all between you and him, and he presents a barrage of qualified ID to demonstrate that the man you're charged with murdering is truly the guy standing there saying he's alive and well, and the police acknowledge that he's alive, and is who he says he is, so they march you in front of the judge to ask that the charges be dropped, and the judge says no. No way. This man (you) killed this neighbor. The cops look at each other in amazement, and you look at everyone in amazement, and your neighbor can't figure out what's going on, and even the prosecutor steps in and says, uh, your honor, wait a minute, there's been a terrible mistake: the alleged victim is alive and well and he's standing here in front of you at this very moment -- right there -- just look a little to your left -- the man in the red shirt -- and we've verified this twenty ways from Sunday, so....?

And the judge slams down the gavel and yells GUILTY AS CHARGED.

This is a horror movie, right? Invasion of the Body Snatchers, perhaps? A tanker truck of LSD dumped into the city water supply? But it's not.

And you're led off to your cell to rot, and a year later it comes up for appeal, and all of this is made meticulously clear to the appellate judge, and at the end of the proceeding that judge slams down the gavel and yells, THIS MAN CLEARLY KILLED HIS NEIGHBOR! GUILTY AS CHARGED! And I impose the Death Penalty!

Then you begin to wonder what planet you're on. And I wondered what planet I was on in court that day in Kent, Washington, with Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C. (A "Professional" Corporation mind you) orchestrating and directing the entire macabre play, and I worried, later as well, that I was no longer residing in the dimension I was born into, because clearly things like this can NOT happen in any Reality I believed myself to be a part of. Water does not flow uphill. Yet it did.

No images were produced, and no URLs to any such images were produced or even hinted at, but this judge ruled that this had occurred. Does it even GET any scarier than this? Had I been transported to Hell? It is said that, " the Impossibility of Reason". I do believe that now. In that case, this was Hell.

Again I demanded that such images be produced, or their locations on any website at that time, or at any time in the past. No such images existed. None had ever existed.

Judge Lawson refused to ask for them.

Leigh Ann Collings Tift did, however present the judge with three photo-shopped images and swore under oath or otherwise intimated under oath that these were instances of my criminal Internet harassment of Delann Todd Lamb and Mark Steven McFarland over the course of three years -- Again -- the same three years in which I was given every raise and begged twice to continue my employment after I had given notice to quit.

Leigh Ann Collings Tift passed tiny photocopies of those three images (the same ones shown below), printed on plain typewriter paper, under my nose so quickly that I was unable to even focus on them and I couldn't identify them.

Those images were then entered into the record by Judge John Lawson and declared instances of criminal harassment against Delann T. Lamb and Mark S. McFarland.

Judge John Lawson later ruled that these images were so mind-bendingly hideous that they must be sealed into the secret record of this case, lest anyone ever accidentally gaze upon them and --- and what? Be Turned to Stone? Go blind? There was never any articulated reason why these images could never be viewed, but "I" know the answer -- the answer is that neither Tift, nor Lawson, wanted any human to see how stunningly outrageous and illogical and illegal and even criminal in nature their behavior had become, and how actionable was their plot.

I had no idea what these images portrayed for many years until some minion of the court accidentally sent them to me mixed in a batch of other documents, and I have no idea whatsoever where Lamb and McFarland and Leigh Ann Collings Tift ever found them. Here they are:

Above, an image of a lifelong missionary friend in Romania;
The image was created years before I ever worked at Dart and the person depicted had never heard of Dart, nor had Dart ever heard of him.

Above, an image of a friend in Olympia, Washington; it's a squirrel head on a friend;
The image was created years before I ever worked at Dart and the person depicted had never heard of Dart, nor had Dart ever heard of her.

The image above was my wife; it's a rabbit head on my wife;
The image was created years before I ever worked at Dart.


Is the reader beginning to grasp the utter insanity of this situation? I hope so. I don't have the vocabulary to adequately describe the unholy rancid stench of this entire proceeding. Even these 20 years later, I still struggle to comprehend it, let alone articulate it.

At some point in the hearing I concluded that Judge John Lawson was simply and demonstrably insane, and that Leigh Ann Collings Tift was simply and demonstrably evil and at least mentally challenged, and I began asking Lawson to just make his ruling so we could all go home; I would overturn it on appeal. I asked this many, many times. When Lawson finally "got" that this was going to appeal, he tried to backtrack a bit, and ask what I was objecting to, and Lawson made sneering statements like, "Suppose you win a re-trial, what are you going to do THEN?" He wanted to say, "What are you going to do THEN, asshole?" But he stopped himself. He truly didn't want this to go to appeal. He was trying to intimidate me into accepting his ruling and letting it stand forever.

Detectives suffer from this peculiar and unprofessional thing called "Tunnel Vision" in the investigation of cases and suspects who very often turn out to be completely innocent, like IN ANOTHER COUNTRY when the alleged "crime" was committed -- heck -- it's a brain disease that can infect anyone. But it's not supposed to ever go as far as the above-analogy depicting the guy who didn't kill his neighbor, or as far as Lawson and Tift took it here saying G-Rated images of people they'd never met and never would meet were instances of criminal harassment of THEM! Given a couple of pathetically weak and illogical minds like Lawson and Tift, however, and a Lawfirm (Littler-Mendelson) who backed Tift every inch of the way through this entire fiasco, you can end up with travesties like this. Then the perpetrators of the offenses (the lies) get to live with the consequences forever, no matter how much they whine. Is this website one of those consequences? Maybe. You'd have to ask the liars. Maybe, after all, they ENJOY the attention. I once knew a man who did -- at least for awhile.

Lawson repeatedly refused to end the proceeding and make a ruling. At that point I didn't care what the ruling was; he had already so vastly overstepped his authority that a win at appeal was a completely certain slam dunk. 100% guaranteed. Effortless.

But still the hearing relentlessly dragged on because Lawson was now searching desperately for ANY shred of ANYTHING he could use to justify his bizarre behavior and what we all knew in advance his ruling would be.

And it got even more insane:

I had informed the court that I had quit because I was tired of the incessant drug use and the resulting deterioration of the cognitive abilities of both Lamb and McFarland. They were stupid when I met them and they had become markedly more so over the years. That syndrome is the main reason I fought against illegal drugs years before. Of COURSE they're "fun" (recreational drugs). That's why people use and abuse them. But they ruin your health AND MAKE YOU STUPID (Sean Penn, anyone? Waste of flesh).

Lawson then very loudly and strongly admonished me for continuing to work in the employ of Dart International Trucking (T&L Leasing, actually) under those circumstances, as if to try to make the point that any drug problem at Dart that I might be dishonestly alleging would be MY fault because I took no steps to stop it; therefor, if there was any "bad person" in the courtroom, it HAD to be ME. I informed him that, indeed, I had already quit because of these very reasons (many months before). That irked him -- the fact that he couldn't make that point irked him.

Around this point Lawson quietly asked Tift if "this guy" had quit (or, preferably, was FIRED). Tift quietly asked Lamb and McFarland (for God's sake she had never asked them in any pretrial conference? Stupid is as stupid does!), and they answered so quietly the court recorder barely picked it up: "He quit." Tift then relayed that to Lawson, as quietly as she possibly could. Lawson was profoundly disappointed at this development because he wanted so very badly to paint me as an irate ex-employee who had been fired (therefore, that would be PROOF I was a liar). At that moment he wanted that as badly as he wanted to keep on breathing. He'd had any number of heart attacks years before; I think that revelation, that I wasn't a "disgruntled" employee who had been terminated and therefore MUST be making things up, nearly caused another one.

Judge John Lawson then very vocally admonished me for not filing police reports of criminal drug use in that office. "You stayed there and worked for these people but you don't call the police!?" he nearly shouted in an accusatory tone. What a buffoon.

I had worked for years in Federal Narcotics enforcement. Our standing mandate (even way back in the 1970's) was that any drug deal, in the case of pot as an example, that featured quantities of 500 pounds or less, was not to be busted. Were we to engage in that kind of petty enforcement activity, one can imagine the enforcement and judicial gridlock that would result. We were overrun as it was. Everything under about 200-250 kilos was ignored and we were told expressly to leave it alone. We could document it for future reference -- maybe go back and try to buy more and more and more -- but we could not pursue a charge on the basis of just that tiny quantity. That particular department really only wanted volumes of, say, 10,000 pounds and up. 100,000 pounds was better. At the level of 100,000 pounds we would begin to get into the territory where funds and personnel could be assigned to our operation. I had only ever personally witnessed "personal use" amounts of various drugs in the Dart office, but I had overheard comments between McFarland and long-time OTR drivers that indicated to me that drugs were being moved up and down the I-5 corridor between Seattle and L.A. using Dart vehicles (semi tractor rigs), but that was only days before I quit for the last time and there wasn't enough to act on, and who knew what the quantities might be in any case. Probably not enough to interest any serious law enforcement agency and where would one find any serious law enforcement agency in the Pacific Northwest anyway? McFarland was living like a pauper and certainly wasn't making any appreciable money off drug sales -- I think it was all for friends (he commented frequently that the police chief of the Kent PD was his best friend and would "do anything" for him).

I had done this for a living; I knew what was required to even initiate a serious investigation and I knew what was needed to make a case. Any report I might submit would be instantly tossed into the trash and I'd be laughed out of any office I was in at the time. So many of my own seemingly great cases were ignored, or buried, that I saw it all as an exercise in futility to be concerned with anything but super-quantities. By then the US was so awash in illegal drugs that I simply didn't care anyway. I felt the cow had already tipped and Humpty-Dumpty (the USA) would never, ever be put back together again. I was even then looking for a way to expatriate and it took me nearly 10 years post DartEntities to find the path out.

(BTW, this editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs.)

As I recall I tried to communicate this to Lawson much more simply, who by this time was openly commenting that in all his years of experience on the bench, HE could spot liars and truth-tellers, and HE knew that "I" was the liar there and Lamb and McFarland were the angelic truth-telling victims. His Tunnel Vision was working overtime. He was adamant about this. HE was the smart one in the room. I wanted to laugh out loud. I couldn't remember ever meeting a more clueless, pompous and WRONG human being. Lawson wasn't even remotely qualified to run a 7-11, yet here he was, arrogantly and stupidly ruining lives just as fast and as completely as he could. For one case, that little ball-bearing that rolled around inside his mostly empty head might by happenstance roll over to the side of the cerebral circuit board that caused his thinking to veer wildly in one random direction, and then, a minute or an hour or a day later, it might randomly roll over to the other side of that circuit board and short out some new circuits which would send Lawson's thinking and behavior off the rails in some new direction. He was just that crazy. And Lawson was never even voted in as a judge by the way -- Gary Locke had appointed him. Thanks Gary, you brainless twit. Incidentally, Gary Locke had appointed Helen L. Halpert too, but that story is farther down this page.

Lawson then asked McFarland in a very gentle voice, "What about this allegation of drug use by the defendant?"

Mark McFarland airily replied that it was "patently untrue", or "patently absurd" (it's in the transcripts on other pages), all the while KNOWING that his failed drug screens littered the highways like MacDonald's plastic straws, but assuming no one would ever know about those. I knew about them two years before I quit! I had only wanted to go along, to look the other way, and to have an enjoyable life driving my truck and then go home every night and play with my other businesses. That's it. That was my goal. I didn't want trouble. I didn't want to cause trouble. I didn't want to be involved in trouble. I didn't want to be the recipient of trouble. Whatever Lamb and McFarland were up to, I didn't want to know about it. Unfortunately as they became dumber and dumber and dumber, it became too annoying to ignore.

That answer from McFarland satisfied Judge Lawson completely and he didn't probe further again because Lawson DIDN'T WANT to know the truth. God forbid any such thing as truth or fact should ever penetrate the hallowed walls of any courtroom. Truth? Blasphemy!

That was a bold, blatant instance of criminal perjury by Mark McFarland, and there were many more. And Lawson gobbled it up while Tift spoon-fed it to him.

Fact: The very reason that Mark McFarland had finally been prevented from driving Class-A himself was due to a long litany of failed drug screens stretching from California to Washington. I had procured the documents to prove it. But I never dreamed that McFarland would ever deny it, and do so under oath, under penalty of perjury, so I had brought nothing to court but common sense and logic. Silly, silly me. When it's pouring rain and has been for a hundred days and the streets are hopelessly flooded and your clothing is drenched and you're gagging on the rainwater flowing into your mouth you don't expect someone to say under oath it's not raining and in FACT has never once rained in the history of planet earth. But McFarland did exactly that, and guess what? He got away with it! Ah, America!

When McFarland made this statement and many other lies just as stunning, I began to understand just how much of a trip down Alice's Rabbit Hole this had become and it was going deeper by the minute. I formally asked for a continuance so I could bring these documents and hundreds of pages of others, to the court, and get this thing back onto some logical track.

Judge John Lawson erupted at this, and informed me that he would be happy to grant a continuance on the condition that I pay the cash sum of $1500 to each and every person in the courtroom.

I'm going to repeat this same line just in case some reader thinks it's a typo:

Judge John Lawson erupted at my request for a continuance so I could retrieve the records of McFarland's failed drug screens, and informed me that he would be happy to grant a continuance ONLY on the condition that I pay the cash sum of $1500usd (one thousand five hundred dollars American) to each and every person in the courtroom (probably 50 in there at that moment). And it wasn't to be merely a one-off payout! No! It was to be paid to each person in the room EVERY SINGLE DAY. Imagine the overflow on day-2.

This is a fact and is in the transcript. This is an instance of at least clinical insanity and that's a fact -- or is it worse yet?

Think about that for a moment. Think about it long and hard.

At what point do the actions of this judge leave "stupid" or "retarded" far behind in the rear view mirror, and descend right on past insanity (but including insanity) and straight into criminal corruption? No one could be merely this dumb. It HAD to be insanity + corruption! There's no other option! There's no other possibility! I think it (Lawson's decision to throw caution to the wind and be flat-out corrupt) started at that exact point, and Leigh Ann Collins Tift was lapping it up, and Paul Martin, "President" of Dart was in the back with Director Chaos (Butler) yipping and insulting -- Was it Hell? Of course it was. And Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C. just loved it, because that's who she was and is in her heart and soul and that's the type and style and caliber of human being Littler-Mendelson seems to like to hire. Junk-yard dogs. With no sense or intelligence or honor or decency -- but junkyard dogs very often meet bad ends. Tift had brought an impossible-to-win case and this "pro-tem judge appointee" was making it possible. Imagine her astonishment and utter glee. She just couldn't believe her luck! Why, it must have been nearly an orgasmic experience for her. And THEN what happened to the junkyard dogs a few months later?

I realized then that this trip into The Black Hole was so far beyond and deeper than Alice's Paltry Rabbit hole that I must actually be dreaming. This was an alternate dimension. It wasn't even an alternate Universe -- it was an alternate Universe inside some other alternate dimension. It was positively cracked. I was beginning to think I had stroked out, or that I had slipped on some ice outside and hit my head and was at that moment in some ICU experiencing a really nasty Halcyon dream that might never end. There was no reality to what was happening. The illogic and dishonesty was beyond anything I had ever experienced or read about in cheap novels. It actually made me physically dizzy and weak. This was a court administered by a clinically insane human being who was also deeply corrupt, and that is a fact. Had Dart paid him? Had Littler-Mendelson paid him? What was his motivation? Stupidity alone can't explain this! It's not possible to be this stupid and still be able to pee and hit the toilet! Did this idiot have children? How in God's name did he ever figure THAT out if he did? I don't understand how any entity could ever find their way home at night being This. Patently. Stupid. Yet this creature was entrusted with the authority to effect the ruination of countless, countless lives based on any baseless farcical whim that might blow into one ear and out the other at any given instant in time. God knows what horrors he had wrought all through his career (a lawfirm right in Tift's own building described a few of them to me). How can you ever calculate the damage to the very fabric of society? When I asked two law firms to do a prep for filing suit against Dart and Littler, John Lawson's name elicited groans and the rolling of eyes. I won't even repeat what those lawyers said of Lawson. Just use your fertile imagination -- then you'll be twenty percent there. Lawyers berating lawyers? You KNOW it had to be bad.

In the end, no continuance was allowed no matter how many times I asked or demanded or in what ways, and Lawson entered a wholly illegal ruling preventing me from ever writing and publishing ANYTHING regarding my experiences with Dart International Trucking (DartEntities or Dart-Entities now), T and L Leasing, Delann T. Lamb or Mark S. McFarland.

And that was that.

But that wasn't REALLY that.

I appealed it to appellate court and drew Seattle Judge Helen L. Halpert. She overruled Judge John Lawson and also gave him a little public spanking for his outrageous insanity in the courtroom.

We were informed shortly thereafter that when Lawson was presented with this news, he simply died on the spot, just outside his Chambers. He physically died. We have no strong corroboration that he expired exactly for that reason but that's what we were told by a court clerk. That he did die, however, just leaving his chambers, after being presented a legal folder, which could very well have been this case because the timing was right, is 100% accurate; we only hope it's true that that folder was the results of our appeal. We didn't want the fool to die; we wanted to humiliate him for decades and decades. But if he HAD to die, then, well, better he die because of this case.

Sort of.

We STILL wish he was alive and well today, to face the embarrassment of his behavior and ruling, being made so very public. We're torn.

Judge Helen L. Halpert (Seattle) did overturn the First Amendment aspect of the case, but she acted as a complete imbecile in several other aspects of the case. For instance she reiterated that Lawson's finding that the squirrel picture of my wife and the two others unknown to anyone at Dart were.....wait for it....AFTER ALL, INSTANCES OF CRIMINAL HARASSMENT BY ME AGAINST MARK MCFARLAND AND DELANN TODD LAMB! Want me to repeat that? There is no typo.

Of course neither Lamb nor McFarland nor Dart-Entities nor Littler-Mendelson ever acted upon that ruling because they knew it was bogus and would come back to bite them if they tried.

Helen L. Halpert was formally, officially, procedurally called out on those factual "oversights" (a very, very kind term) (it's posted in the original website on the original domain); she declined to even address those FACTUAL ERRORS. So much for the integrity of Judges, especially in Washington State. What an utter, amoral buffoon was or is Helen L. Halpert. Would "moral midget" fit? No; it's far worse than that. Outrageously incompetent fool? Getting warmer.

A proper website was then constructed and has morphed over the years into a gargantuan, disjointed effort to get the truth out and to advise the public of what they WILL encounter in any kind of judicial proceedings in the Pacific Northwest, or, really, almost anywhere in the US now. The cow has tipped and documentable mental retardation rules. To say it's a jungle would be a gross insult to jungles. It is, quite literally, an asylum of the criminally insane and that's no understatement.

Polygraphs are generally not admitted in court (lawyers hate them because they hate any vague scent of truth UNLESS THEY CONTROL IT). To have those pesky FACTS and TRUTHS just flitting around Willy-Nilly where they could pop up at any inopportune moment in the screwing over of an adversary, well, that's never acceptable at all. But polygraphs ARE gaining credibility in court and are admissible on a website of course, and in jails, and corporations, and in law enforcement, and the military, and just about everywhere else, and mine are published conspicuously, accessible through the following link.

Delann Todd Lamb and Mark Steven McFarland were offered, in writing, in a binding contract to their attorney, Ms. Leigh Ann Collins Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C., Seattle Washington, the cash sum of $200, but then upgraded to $5000 each if they took and passed polygraphs (the licensed polygraph examiner would be drawn from a hat), the administration of which I would also pay for. I also offered (i.e. promised), in writing, in that legal offer, to post their polygraphs publicly. Both parties refused. Leigh Ann Collings Tift claimed, in writing to my attorney, that the refusal of Lamb and McFarland to take polygraphs and to be handed $5,000 cash each, "didn't mean they weren't telling the truth".

Yes, Tift, that's what it means. They weren't telling the truth, and you were either too stupid or too corrupt to see it or admit it. Your clients lied and lied and lied, and you helped them. I believe you helped them knowingly.

With the assistance of my attorneys we filed voluminous criminal complaints of actual, black and white perjury, against Delann Lamb and Mark McFarland. We filed these through the Seattle police department, through the Kent police department, through various Federal agencies including the FBI, through the King County Sheriff's office, through the King County Prosecutor's office, through the Washington state governor's office, and through many other law enforcement agencies. In many YEARS of filing these complaints, we never once received a single reply from a single office.

To reiterate, we actually took it all the way up the chain to the Washington Governor's office, Gary Locke at the time, a real sociological prize of a man. His WRITTEN RESPONSE (which appears on other pages in this and other websites), was.....Ready? Ok. Here it is: "Perjury is not a matter worthy of a law enforcement investigation." That being the case, and that being the official, written stance of the highest government agency in the land, there is NO SUCH THING as any effective judicial system in Washington state. Period. End of story.

We also filed numerous, voluminous complaints of unprofessional conduct against Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson, P.C., to the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) and to many other agencies including to upper management within her own firm. We received no reply whatsoever from any agency or office, ever. We're not alone in our assessment of Leigh Ann Collings Tift.

Apparently the entirety of western Washington inhabits the actual, real, physical Rabbit Hole in Alice's Halcyon Dream. Is there a ground-water issue in the state? What else are logical humans supposed to conclude?

This site has stood for twenty years, unchallenged, because it is far above the law. Only now, in 2020/2021, are we seeing resistance to it. Certain "Entities" and "Legal Minds" are whacking away at it as best they know how, thinking, stupidly, that their efforts will make it all go away. Oddly enough, the poster of the Anti-Leigh Ann Collings Tift YouTube video had his video (and another) stand unmolested for 20 years as well, but is just now seeing that the Washington State Bar Association (aka The Washington Attorneys' Defense League) is ramping up efforts to keep the citizenry from seeing just what worthless specimens their Washington attorneys really are by hacking at that YouTube video. Washington State: America's own Third World Country.

Incidentally, this editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs.

In the YouTube case above, the poster claims Leigh Ann Collins Tift didn't just dangerously skirt the gray boundaries of actual criminal perjury, but crossed right on over to the other side and dove headlong, head-first, fully into that swirling septic tank. Assuming his YouTube video and the documents presented are authentic, it appears to us that that's precisely what Tift did. We believe she had to seriously bite her tongue often to keep from outright lying in court, and according to this video, she just got tired of holding back. We're not sure exactly when this man's case occurred, but we find ourselves wondering if his problem came not long after our own with Leigh Ann. In that case, we might speculate that Leigh Ann Collings Tift was so completely emboldened by her very close brush with outright perjury and her belief that she had masterfully pulled it off without anyone figuring it out in the Dart International Trucking case, and before any countering website was able to be launched, that perhaps she just figured to heck with it -- "I am impervious to prosecution because I am clever beyond anyone's ability to appreciate, and I will say and do absolutely anything under the sun that I want, in order to win, win, win, WIN!" That would certainly fit with her character as we came to know it.

Anyway, of course their (WSBA?) efforts to hide this sprawling collection of web pages and YouTube submissions by others only serve to make both cases more glaring and famous.

If you care to read about this case in detail, and to view the polygraphs and a wide array of other court documents and polygraphs, with around 1500 pages yet to be OCR'd, annotated and posted, we suggest starting from what is currently Page One of another website (see link below).

It could be that page will change from time to time in content and even location. The site is being actively hacked and molested in other cheesy ways, and numerous parties are doing their best to convince Google and Microsoft's Bing that the documents should be removed from public view -- that is to say, removed from their search indexes. Gee, do they really think that will protect them? Of course that's madness and hasn't worked and never will work -- but these brainiacs continue to try. And they continue to succeed -- only in making this data rank higher.

This website has been constructed in such a way as to survive long after my death, and no amount of hacking or whining or lying to search engines will ever remove it, just as a human being sporting a sandwich-board can never be removed from the public spaces in front of the building that houses the Littler-Mendelson Monstrosity of Evil and Chaos [LMMEC]. Littler Mendelson could, of course, kill them, but we'd just replace them, forever.

Is this the whole story?

You'd be silly to think so.

This brief summary represents perhaps 3% of the utter and abjectly vile behavior of all of these people, namely Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson P.C. (Seattle Lawfirm), Mark McFarland (Terminal Manager) of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Delann Todd Lamb of Dart-Entities Trucking (formerly in Kent, Washington, and from Orting), Paul Martin of Dart-Entities Trucking (deceased), Colleen Butler of Dart-Entities Trucking (aka Director Chaos), Judge John Lawson of Kent/Aukeen Court (Washington State)(deceased), Judge Helen L. Halpert of Seattle, and Sarah, the relentless, trouble-making office tart who's purpose in life seemed to be to make every human being on the planet painfully aware that she was openly and obnoxiously lesbian. She never grasped that NO ONE CARED and we were all tired of hearing it.

Read more if you can stomach it, and if you're considering entering into ANY kind of relationship with ANY of these "Entities", (Dart Trucking, Littler-Mendelson, Lamb, McFarland, Butler, etc.), you MUST read all data that's available to you, presented by us and by so many others, so that you can arrive at a decision as informed (and warned), as comprehensively as possible. But don't read the original pages (linked below) if you're a Delicate Snowflake. They're for adults-only because they're nasty:

Page One.

I no longer live in the US, and have no plans to return at present. This exercise in craziness and the rank, outright evil of this was one of two mind-bending spectacles that finally drove me out.

People think head-lobbing radical Islamists are screechingly, barking-mad, and they are.

But the things that are going on in the US in an ever-increasing culture of hysterical delirium makes us wonder if Yanks have a physical brain at all. Or did they all just devolve into rotten cabbage?

I left because I thought Americans barely did have a single functioning brain among them at all any longer. And I apologize for the insult to Kim-chi.

The US has become a vacuum of logic, a black hole of reason, and the garbage bin of honor, and Littler-Mendelson P.C., and disgusting, reprehensible attorneys like Leigh Ann Collings Tift, are significant and active contributors to that inexorable decline. If that was their intent, they should be proud.


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Page One



This editorial review website features, contains and includes my best recollections, hunches, beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with numerous court records, trial transcripts and certified polygraphs.



Tentative Conclusion, November 30, 2021:


What started as a few paragraphs in 2000 or 2001 has ballooned over twenty years into a giant sticky spider's web of data and opinions occupying many servers and many domains around the world.

To say that, even twenty years later, I am shocked by the behavior of these people is a gross understatement. I HAD never seen human beings this despicable and valueless in my 50 years before this fiasco, and I have not seen such an even remotely despicable or valueless little gang in the twenty years after it. Truly, these people take the cake. They're up there nudging the boundaries of pedophiles and fire-bombing looters and professional con artists and ID thieves and bank fraudsters and -- You can't GET any worse and not end up in prison, or at the hands of people with less patience and compassion than me (yes, there are plenty) who have lost all semblance of self-control and are simply coming for your life. Or both.

These wastes of flesh and oxygen have circled the drain and can't get any closer to being sucked down it.

99.998% of this website (these websites around the world now) were created AS A PRODUCT OF and as a RESULT OF and IN RESPONSE TO the stunningly heinous BS these people pulled and attempted to pull. Almost none of it would ever have been written about, or, heck, even thought up of my own volition, had THEY not provided the fodder for it.


I worked for them for three years.

They were stupid dopers and shysters and petty thieves.

I quit.

They tried to jerk me around after I quit because they were angry and insulted that I quit and that's a documented fact.


One writes a few paragraphs as an ex-employee in a type review environment and moves on.

But these people made it utterly impossible to move on.

They tried what they tried, and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied, and then kept lying some more because that's who they are in their heart of hearts. That's all they know and all they ever will know and all they'll ever be. Liars and shysters.

THAT is what created this series of websites. I won't roll over for that crap. --Never would, never will. I'd gladly sacrifice my life if that's what it took to stop it. Stopping people of this caliber is why men have gone to war for generations, and I mean real, physical war. --Because behavior like this on a world stage MUST be stopped, and it must be stopped when it is rotting the very fabric of that society from the inside out as well. Society has no choice if it wishes to survive at all.

If (if) there is no more BS from these people, I'm going to retire from this current 2021 dissemination project. They (the miscreants) know what I think of them by now -- at least they know a small part of how I feel. They'll never know how I really feel. There are no words for that. And others (the victims of any relationship with these people), if they're even remotely smart, will know to avoid them. And if they can't figure that out, that's just fine. Either they'll learn, or they won't. You can lead a horse to water......and if he prefers to die of thirst, let 'im, and find entertainment value in the event.. It's called Natural Selection.

I had let the original website stand on its own for exactly twenty years before "someone", Leigh Ann C. Tift of Hitler-Mendelson, or the Washington State Bar Association (WADL)(aka the Washington Attorneys' Defense League), or whomsoever, started mindlessly rooting and grubbing in it again in late 2021 with their filthy cloven hooves, trying to cause mindless grief, just like they did in 2001. That nonsense was thwarted this time as well. If it STAYS thwarted, then I'm done with this effort. If "they" want to come at me yet again, then let's go to war. I am always, always ready, and at that time it would become a matter of knowing every single detail of the lives, past and present, of every single imbecile in this bizarre cadre of fools, because we (society) need to know how Entities like these are hatched and nurtured and allowed to do these things. That will become a true and bona fide study of these people from birth to death and it will all (all) be posted right here. Society NEEDS to understand the mechanisms and causes of this problem if it is to ever evolve to be something better.

I can't help but wonder if Lamb and/or McFarland would have turned out better had it not been for the drugs. I've lost so many friends, cognitively, to drugs. They just get dumber and dumber and dumber until you can't even relate to them anymore and there's nothing left for you to do but cut them loose. Sometimes that's very sad. Or sometimes you've come to so thoroughly and profoundly hate, loathe and detest them due to their never-ending, incessant, relentless foul and counter-productive deeds that cutting these turkeys out of your life is astonishingly liberating and refreshing. Sometimes siblings must do this to other siblings. Once-loving spouses sometimes must divest themselves of spouses who've allowed drugs to transform them into demons. Sometimes, heartbreakingly, mothers must divorce themselves from children, all because of drugs and the brainlessness they produce. The process of cognitive degeneration with Lamb and McFarland had started long, long before I ever came along -- maybe decades -- so that insidious decline had a significant head-start. But I swear, I could see it continuing and advancing just in the three short years I knew them. They seemed to get even dumber still, every month. Or maybe I just got better at recognizing the stupidity. It was wearying.

As for why Leigh Ann Collings Tift turned out the way she did, and it's not even remotely just our opinion, I think she was born with bad DNA. Quick and easy explanation and we believe it to be perfectly accurate. She was "bad inside" and she wanted the power to push people around. What better thing than to become "an attorney". Law school teaches that if a deed is "even remotely technically legal", it's also within the bounds of morality; and fringe, unthinking characters lap this stuff up like vampires suck blood. We've all known a few of those types. Tift was simply mean in her bones at the moment of conception and she never improved. To me and to the rest of us on this case, it's just that simple. Drugs probably would have made her much worse, but honestly, she didn't need the negative effects of illegal drugs to make her a waste of human flesh. Actually, it's worse than that -- something that is a simple waste of human flesh and nothing more can be avoided and ignored, just as you would step around a steaming pile of squishy dog turds on the sidewalk, but Tift is out there seemingly purposely, actively and inventively causing mayhem and harm -- almost as if the pile of reeking turds on the sidewalk had legs and an evil intent and could chase you -- and being paid handsomely to do it, and costing people money and resources and sanity for less than no logical reason, ruining reputations that don't deserve to be ruined, changing life courses in ways they were never meant to be altered, stomping out the already-stomped-on rights of simple employees, siding with the most extreme and obnoxious sources of greed and unprofessionalism and corruption in the land (Big Corps) -- and that's a path Leigh Ann has CHOSEN. People chose paths because they like them.

Judge John Lawson was simply insane. It's hard (and illegal) to blame the clinically insane for much of anything. You can and should CONTAIN them so they can't hurt others, and that's what should have been done with Lawson. He should have been locked in a room with slippers and snacks and Netflix and socks over his hands for all of his days, like Biden. To appoint a man like that to a position of authority over others makes YOU just as stupid as THEM, eh Governor Gary Locke? Were YOU mentally handicapped as well?

Helen L. Halpert was incompetent on a level you won't even find as a soon-to-be-fired cashier at 7-11. She didn't understand or comprehend much of anything that was presented FACTUALLY to her in the appeal. Heck, she admitted in writing SHE DIDN'T EVEN READ THE DOCUMENTS!!!!! Read that again: Helen L. Halpert admitted in writing that she didn't even read the appeal documents (insert eleven thousand exclamation points here!). But she tendered a ruling anyway. It flat-out doesn't GET any crazier than that. She deemed herself fit to rule on the case anyway. If that isn't incompetence, then incompetence must cease to exist as a word. Call Websters and tell them to remove it from their listings. It has no meaning in the English language. Honestly, it's a miracle she overturned the case as she did. I have to wonder if she did that because she understood some part of the case, or if it was just happenstance with no empirical logic being implemented whatsoever. But wait! She said she DIDN'T READ THE CASE! So how and why did she make any ruling at all! Facts were painstakingly pointed out to her, yet she ignored them. She DIDN'T READ THEM! When she ruled against those black and white facts, and was legally, formally, and officially called on it by my attorney(s) later, and by me (it's posted publicly!), she couldn't muster even the common human decency to explain, OR REPLY AT ALL!!! --Probably because she'd figured out that she had no explanation or defense to offer. Her actions were completely indefensible and so she decided to ignore the mistakes, hoping it would all just fade away. But it hasn't, has it, Halpert? Yes, I won the appeal in all relevant ways. But my God. What a cacophony of chaos to have arrived at that point.

Littler-Mendelson, Littler-Meddle-Some, Hitler-Mendelson -- however you choose to refer to this gaggle of pompous denizens (GPD? Naw. We haven't found a moniker yet that we really like but a great one is out there, just waiting to be discovered), they're just plain bad people. Our assessment is only one of hundreds or thousands that have reached the exact same conclusion, publicly. Bad people. Bad culture. Greed. Anti-social. Evil? Yes, evil, at the least, fits. But "evil" seems such a weak word to be used to describe these people. They are, we posit, the Devil's Devils. Who does Satan fear? Not God. He fears Littler-Mendelson because even Satan has never seen badness to this degree and he's shocked by it. They are a tyrannical, amoral, illogical, anti-social, disgusting hit squad of idiots and incompetent fools (sorry, too many characters in that one). Period. We have absolutely no doubt that if they felt they could get away with using guns and knives, they'd be using guns and knives. We have zero doubt of that. None whatsoever. NOTHING is about right or wrong or the ultimate benefit to society for them; it's about WINNING AT ALL AND ANY COST.

Basic psychology knows many tricks for drilling into the core of a person's soul to help see what makes them tick. On other pages of other websites in the grand cluster I've mentioned a few tests one can perform on prospective attorneys (or prospective spouses) to see if they're decent entities, or wastes of space and air. Here's another one, specifically for lawyers: See if you can maneuver some idle, relaxed conversation around to find out what your attorney generally thinks of other attorneys. Don't make it a formal question in any way because they'll suspect a trap and you'll only get their PC Correct reply, as if they're on the stand. If they say they have lots of attorney friends and attorneys generally are great people who are just getting a bad rap because of "a few bad apples", get yourself gone as far and as fast as you can because if your attorney can even stomach most other attorneys, then he or she is one of the Matrix even though they may not even know it.

If your attorney hates and/or has little to no respect for "most" other attorneys, maybe you have a keeper. Maybe. The vast, vast majority of attorneys and lawyers are absolute amoral skunks and that's a fact, documentable 932 million times over in as many ways by any standard you care to suggest, having been so conveniently relieved of any need to be a responsible, honorable, morally-inclined social creature with a conscience, by their law schools (i.e. demon's training). Decent, honest lawyers see this deficit in the others. If you're one of a pack of snarling, sneaking hyenas, the herd is invisible to you and you're happy in their den. But if you're a cut above the pack -- let's say you're, perhaps, human -- then the snarling hyena pack shows up to you almost as if painted in orange neon day-glo and you avoid them just as you'd avoid any snarling pack of teeth-gnashing hyenas painted orange neon day-glo.

The other possibility is that the attorney you're considering is SO INCREDIBLY SKUNKY THEMSELVES that they don't like all the other attorneys whom they see as being NOT SKUNKY ENOUGH. You see a lot of that in the outback of Alaska in just the general society -- it is said there are two types of humans who move there: The honest, decent ones, who simply can't tolerate the abject BS of the animals in the lower forty eight so they move north to escape them, and on the other hand, there are the lower-life forms who move north to evade capture and dismemberment by the remaining tendrils of decent lower forty eight society who are starting to close in on them; they go north because it was becoming more difficult to get away with bad actions, long term, in the south. There aren't many middle-road people in Alaska. They're either quite decent human beings, or quite bad human beings. Neither group likes the other. When I was roaming Alaska in the 1960's, the ratio of good people to bad was maybe 10/1 or even better Probably much better, as I think back.

Then came the pipeline.

Today the ratio might be more like 75% bad to 25% good, or even worse. Probably worse, as I think bad to expeditions north in the 1990's.

Lawyers tend, in my experience, to be either quite good, or abysmally, stunningly evil. What's the ratio? 3-5% good. The rest are a burden upon civilization and are slowly bringing it to its knees. What's the ratio of good judges to truly bad ones? 10-20% good and that's being generous. Maybe it's more like 5% good.

Paul Martin is dead. On the original page we've said enough about that worthless twit. We so wish he was alive. WE deserved that he live to be very, very old.

Colleen Butler? She wanted to please Paul Martin for Brownie Points. The End. I doubt she had a single original thought in the vacuum of space that's between her ears. Was there even the dust of space debris in there? But she still TRIED to get at me for less than no reason at all, both with her initial filing and with her spoiled-brat, sophomoric vocal antics in the courtroom after her petition was struck down and she had to go sit in the back of the court with the other reject, Martin. Colleen Butler, in some ways, is probably worse than a human being who thinks. She can be pointed in any direction anyone wants, wound up, armed, and set loose.

Curiously, the court clerks in the Kent Aukeen court were, some of them, pretty good friends to us in this case. They often slipped us documents we weren't supposed to see, and gave us heads ups on sneaky, underhanded stunts Littler (C. Tift) was trying to pull behind the scenes. I think they followed this case a little and saw what a travesty it was, probably because they knew Lawson's insanity well, and they knew Littler's nastiness well, and they took it on their own initiatives to try to help things be a little more fair.

What was the initial catalyst that started this entire fiasco?

It was years or decades of illegal drug use by Lamb and McFarland.

That made their brains soft and weak and illogical -- assuming they ever weren't.

They took a tiny event (my quitting and refusing to come visit them) and spun it around in those foggy noggins until they had invented an invisible, non-existent thing which was literally devouring them and they HAD to "get even" for something that had never even occurred NOR WOULD OCCUR!!! I think Sarah-the-office-tart fed them a lot of untruthful BS because that's who and what Sarah was and probably still is today, and Lamb and McFarland in turn jacked that up, amplified it, morphed it around, and fed even more complete BS and copious lies to Martin and Butler, and the fire was lit. Drugs caused this. Had Lamb and McFarland never polluted their brains with drugs, I might have stayed there for decades and if/when I did finally leave, it would have been on the best of terms and we probably would be friends today. I could have helped them with so many things and in so many ways. But I can't and won't abide the profound illogic of the drug-addled mind. Hell is the Impossibility of Reason? Yes, it is, and working under these two became Hell. Many employees agreed.

Dope-heads themselves are the very last people to ever see the decline in themselves. That's why people and families came up with "interventions" -- because the doped-out suckers are so deep down the Loony-Tunes well that they can no longer even see the daylight at the top and they think the darkness and stink are normal. They think they're perfectly well and reasonable and sane and there is NOTHING that will convince them otherwise except in the rare cases of a really professionally executed drug intervention -- think of it as being just short of an exorcism. That's a good comparison -- I certainly think of Lamb, McFarland and Tift, at least, as being possessed by despicable, reeking Entities, after all, but their particular Entities cannot ever be excised because they aren't external forces. These Putrid Entities are the actual souls of these three. You can't excise the soul from the soul. It is what it is until it decides to be another thing.

I may come into these sites on rare occasion and correct spelling, grammar, etc., or to clarify small matters with brief explanations as they're brought to my attention, but right now the International borders are opening up (for God's sake we hope, unless another variant screws it up) and we need to get into some surrounding countries to see how many of our jungle kids are still alive. We're betting the losses will be significant. Beyond all doubt we will hike in to GPS coordinates where families were living under tarps in the jungle 18-22 months ago, and we will find only the bones of toddlers, and they won't be lost to Covid, they will be lost to draconian, counter-productive, power-mongering, illogical Covid policies which prevented relief workers from getting to them. Trails that are overgrown will be bad omens. The more you must use the machete, the higher the odds the kids or the whole families are dead. Surviving members of the families, if any, will have simply moved on to try to find a better circumstance somewhere, or just moved a short distance from the bodies of their children to starve to death themselves, and no one will ever know unless you stumble across the bones, overgrown by a meter of jungle mat. It's difficult to even bury your dead in some of these regions because they often don't have shovels and even if they did, the ground is a solid tangle of cable-like roots and vines.

Thanks again, China, for all that you do for TO the world.



UPDATE December 6, 2021:


The Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) is at it again.

That was a short vacation, wasn't it?

Awhile back (stay with us on this one) we entered a comment on another public website, which was someone else's page (person unknown to us) detailing the efforts of the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) to hide negative content about, uh, the Washington State Bar Association or better known as the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL.

That page was posted by someone who had experienced, what else, a bizarre problem with a very bizarre entity, namely the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL).

It seems THAT PARTICULAR page existed only to illuminate a stunt the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) had pulled to try to get a DIFFERENT page about it, removed from view.

Yes, it's confusing.

In any case, all we did is make about a two or three line public comment, stating that problems like the one that individual was experiencing with the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL), were stunningly common, and we suggested that if the reader of THAT page wanted to know more about the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL), they could Google the topic. No URLs or website names were mentioned. It was merely a suggestion to go Google the topic.

It appears the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL), then reported that comment and was able to get the comment itself (not the page) removed from the page. Now if that doesn't take the cake.

Let me try to explain this more clearly because even "I" have a hard time following the above and "I" was there! :


A person unknown to us has a problem with the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL).

S/he posts a page describing that problem with the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL).

The Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) then stumbles across that page years later and tries to get it shut down, but is unsuccessful (it's documented that it was the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) who tried this).

The poster of that page then goes onto ANOTHER page and laments that stunt (the shut-down attempt) pulled by, who else, the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL).

The Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL) tries (!!!!) but is unable to effect the removal of THAT person's comment (meaning the comment of that original poster), on the new page.

Years later WE stumble upon that comment (on the new page), and add OUR OWN comment to it, suggesting that if the reader of THAT page wanted to know more about the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL), they could Google the topic. We only said that. No URLs or website names were mentioned. We merely suggested that interested parties go Google the topic because there was plenty of material.

If you can complete the Rubik's Cube or untwist that wire thingy on a loaf of bread (dated ourselves, didn't we?!) then we know you're following this successfully. If not, don't worry -- it barely matters.

So, in retaliation for our suggestion that the reader could, in fact, go Google up MORE pages like that person's page, the Washington State Bar Association (eg the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL), appears to have somehow influenced someone somewhere, and gotten our comment removed.

That seems to be the way it all shakes out.

Does it even GET any more petty or deranged?

Well, petty and deranged is the stock and trade of, you guessed it, the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL.

This precise behavior is absolutely indicative of all the problems we experienced with the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL around 2000 to 2003, and here we are, way forward in virtually 2022, and the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL, seems to be right at it again.

This rogue outfit, this kaleidescope of chaos (KOC), the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL, is a catastrophe of incompetence and corruption beyond compare unless you look into the government of Afghanistan. That's our opinion BASED ON FACTS.

So, it appears the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL, has come at us YET AGAIN, twenty or more years later, and that's just fine.

Let's see where we can take this.

Here's a beginner's link to learn about the "Washington Attorneys' Defense League", or WADL. We'll just toss that out there so as to whet the appetite of the reader. There will be a little more to come, right here at the same Bat time on this same Bat channel.


Try THIS ONE FIRST, to get started.


HERE too


And more about it HERE.


And the beat goes on.....


Good reading HERE as well.


And, of course, here too: Extinction of the loathed WSBA? It couldn't come too soon.


Another preliminary search might be THIS Google search string:


"washington state bar association" AND "wsba" AND corrupt OR incompetent OR unprofessional OR chaotic OR sucks


Another nice one is:


"washington state bar association" chaos


And The Truth Shall Set You Free


Experiment. You'll be AMAZED what you'll find buried in the septic tank out back.


The Washington State Bar Association, or "the Washington Attorneys' Defense League", aka WADL, is a cacophony of chaos, unprofessionalism, incompetence, malfeasance, dishonesty, laziness, dishonesty, dishonor and counter-productivity and always has been and that's a fact. Most attorneys will agree (I've never known a single attorney who had anything but undisguised disgust and contempt for this lazy gaggle of spoiled, counter-productive fools. Imagine -- even the skunks admit the mother skunk stinks!


All of this is verification and validation of what we've represented as FACT since 2001-2003 or thereabouts. The agency is a mess like no other, and it's partly due to the Bog of Eternal Stench from Whence it Sprouts.